Farhana’s Wind Turbine Milestone

After my first two weeks in BlueStamp Engineering program, I have completed the electronic parts and the base of my final project, a Wind Turbine. I was interested in this project because renewable energy sources, such as: wind, solar energy, geothermal power and biomass crops, are necessary to eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels and to prevent extreme global change. In addition, solar collectors capture power only when the sun shines, but wind power is available 24 hours a day; therefore, I choose to use wind energy and build a vertical turbine that can light up a LED.

The wind Turbine electronic parts basically operates as, the wind turbine catches wind which led the rod and the two gears to spin. As the gear moves it gives motion to the motor which light up the Led. I will discuss the parts of the circuit board and their functions. It also has 8 diodes which only allow the electrons to flow in one direction and create a full rectification and allow the LED (Light-Emitting diodes) to light up. The  two capacitors allow AC (alternating current) to be transfers into DC (direct currents) and to store energy. Motor is connected to the circuit board by four different wires soldered to a male header pin.

I really enjoyed doing the electronics parts of my project because I got to learn the function of the parts and explore on mechanical and electrical schematics. However, I had trouble with the motor because I was unaware that the motor does not function after opening the screws that holds the motor together. I was scared at first that I have destroyed the motor but finally I discovered the problem and the solution. Thanks BlueStamp!!!!!

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