Farhana’s Tiny Solar Car Starter Project

For my starter project, I build a tiny solar car. It basically operates as, the solar cell absorbs the sunlight, and the 0.35F power capacitor stores the power from the solar cell. The voltage detector detects the voltage from the power capacitor and tells the transistor to turn on. As the transistor turns on, the power transfers from the power capacitor to the motor which allow the car to run. The tiny solar car is pretty powerful for its size. Also, this project reminds me of a quote “good things comes in small packet”

The sun serves as a giant nuclear heater in space and continuously bathing our planet with free energy; therefore, I choose this project as an opportunity to use the sun’s energy and create a tiny solar car that can conserve power. The tiny car may not conserve abandon amount of energy, but it’s a good place to begin. In addition, through this illustration I wanted to influence others to explore further on the use of renewable resources.

I really enjoyed doing this project because it was my first time experience on the engineering or building world. I was nervous about soldering because it’ seem complicated. However, I was able to do it correctly with the help of my instructors. Finally, I believe BlueStamp Engineering Program is a fantastic opportunity for High School students to explore on engineering world. I personally want to thank the BlueStamp program for giving me a chance to explore and create fun products.

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  1. great job, farhana! can’t wait to see it in action!

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