Farhana’s milestone

I have accomplished my milestone of building the mechanical parts. I have faced difficulties with the sail holder because the slots were too thin to put fit the aluminum sleets through it. However, to fix the problem I plan to drill screws in the Sail holder which can hold the Aluminum sleets. It was difficult to drilling screws in the laser cut because it was very fragile. If I have broken the Sail holder then I would have to wait three more weeks. I could not afford to wait three more weeks because I have only three more weeks left at BlueStamp. Luckily nothing went wrong and I was able to put the turbine together. In addition, the gear ratio was wrong therefore; when the turbine spins there are some resistance. Finally, the mechanical part basically operates as the sail catches wind it spins along with rod. As the rod spins it gives motion to the motor and the LED lights up. I enjoyed working on the Turbine. The best moment of my life was: when the Wind Turbine works!!!

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