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Six weeks in BlueStamp was the best time in my life because it changed my career plan. As an elder daughter growing up in Bengali family I was always told to become a doctor. I never consider studying Engineering; however, after working in BlueStamp I am planning to study biomedical engineering. For my final project I build a Wind Turbine which was originally designed by Dustyn Roberts.

I chose this project because renewable energy sources, such as: wind, solar energy, geothermal power and biomass crops, are necessary to eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels and to prevent extreme global change. In addition, solar collectors capture power only when the sun shines, but wind power is available 24 hours a day; therefore, I chose to use wind energy and build a vertical turbine that can light up LED. My favorite part of the project was the circuit board because I knew how to follow the schematic. However, I faced some difficulties with the mechanical parts because Laser cut parts were fragile and drilling screws were difficult. Finally, I put together all the parts and luckily nothing went wrong and the wind Turbine lit up an LED. While many people may censure me working for five weeks to light up an LED, I will say my Turbine did not just light up LED. It also illustrates that the project works and in the future I can improve and make something better. For next step I want to add solar panel and Batteries to constantly store energy. I build a charge controller based on a 555 timer to maintain the battery and not overcharge it. I want to thank BlueStamp for allowing student like me to explore in the Engineering world. I would like to contribute a poem to demonstrate my journey:

Journey to BlueStamp

Life is annoying clock

It always does tick tock

Neither it drop nor it stop

I wonder how long it took the engineer to build this annoying clock.

To find the answer and to involve in engineering world

I took a train that’s land on the Freedom land called BlueStamp.

BlueStamp gave me freedom from homework.

Freedom from blame and loss

Freedom to gain and freedom to share

Freedom from inner world and explore the universe.

First day at BlueStamp I was convoluted with all the work

However, with the help of my instructor I was not lock

Yet, the most annoying was the mail clerk

Delaying delivering parts

Making everyone mad

I learned a lot

Respect is a lesson that everyone has learn

Respect must be given before an expected return

Respect is something that’s given for free

To all peers of mine


Thank you for watching the video



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