Completed Projects and Videos

I had a very unique experience at BlueStamp this summer as I was fortunate enough to have the time to create two main projects (as well as a laser target). Both provided interesting challenges, opportunities, and furnished me with valuable experience and lessons. While my second project, the GPS Guided Rover ( was more challenging and intricate, both in terms of constructing a car from scratch and the math involved, I learned valuable lessons about wireless telemetry and graphing from my Bike Cyclocomputer (

I truly enjoyed the valuable and inspiring time with the instructors and the seemingly limitless knowledge they possessed in response to every question. I received invaluable training not only on programming and in response to my project, but also on how to use a multitude of powerful and important tools, ranging from a metal file to an extremely powerful drill. It is a powerful and meaningful experience to have completed a project and broadcasted it to the world. At first a chore, the diligent notes I kept in an engineering notebook now comprise the wikis on both of my project webpages.

Throughout the year, I plan to continue to expand my knowledge of engineering and will keep in touch with my BlueStamp mentors with questions ranging from electronics experiments to questions on the gradually approaching reality of college. Enjoy my final videos, and I would like to thank Jeremy for both his immense knowledge and help as well as his expert filming skills, blatantly visible in the videos.

The final videos for my two projects are on the BlueStamp Engineering YouTube channel. Here’s the video for the Bike Cyclocomputer and this is the final video of the GPS Rover.

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