Chris’ LED Cube Milestone

Hey internet, this is Chris!

I’ve gotten very far along with my LED Cube project, which I have been working on as my intensive project. To start, my project was basically soldering LEDs until I was DONE soldering LEDs. I built the cube, soldered it to the proto-board, added resistors and transistors as needed in the schematic, and wired it all up to the arduino. Last week, we finally got it lit up!

I am now getting into the programming phase, as I have just finished soldering in my pushbuttons, and even a Joystick! As I mentioned in the video, I am going to use the Joystick to make a Snake game in 3D! This project only gets cooler from here!

Watch the video for more detailed info about the project!

I’ll keep you posted!

– Chris

Here’s a link to my Github page for it. I don’t have much yet, but I will eventually make a dedicated Github site for the project with important notes and videos. I may also make an instructable for the project after the program is over.

Here’s the video:

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