A Productive First Week

After my first five days at Blue Stamp, I had completed a first iteration of my final project, a bike cycling computer. Before I had begun work on my principal project, however, I completed my starter project, a laser target and light sensor. The sensor, using power from a nine volt battery, powers an array of LEDs that become bright when a laser or bright light is shined upon a small photocell, or photoresistor. A three way switch allows an off position as well as two on forms, called “On 1” and “On 2”. In the first, LEDs are lit when light is shown; when the switch is set to “On 2”, another indicator light is set on to indicate that the sensor is properly functioning. As this LED functions on a separate circuit, it must be differently wired than the others. Current, flowing from the LED, must be directed through a diode to ensure that it does not upset the functioning of the other circuits. Upon passing through transistors and various resistors (including a single sensitivity potentiometer), power illuminates the LEDs. Here’s a video!

To begin my cycling computer, I encountered challenges far more frustrating and seemingly insurmountable than had been anticipated. The xbee Pro modules proved exceedingly difficult to connect, but, once this milestone had been accomplished, the rest of the project was accomplished fairly easily. I look forward to testing the device further. To do so, it requires a bike wheel (upon which a magnet is mounted) to measure speed with a magnetic reed switch.

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