A Note From A Parent – William D.

William D came by with his wife to check out where his son David was learning all about robotics, firmware, and power supply design. We were glad to hear how David took the excitement we saw every day home with him!

The 2011 BlueStamp Engineering summer program was a terrific opportunity for my son. The program will engross, occupy, energize, and stimulate any young person with an interest in science and engineering. My son’s excitement was palpable as he went to the course each day and came home to discuss his work. He learned the self-discipline, self-reliance, and organization necessary to excel in science, engineering, and life. The broader lessons that he learned about doing engineering, the self-direction and rigorous application of principles and experiment, will stand him in good stead throughout his education. The program taught him engineering. More importantly, the pride he achieved at accomplishing a difficult task by experiment and research in the program gave him an incredible boost in confidence.

William D.

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