A Note From A Parent – Natasha F

Here is a wonderful note from Natasha, Sam’s mom.  It is great to hear a parent echo what we tell others about students — they are committed and face their challenges head on. Thanks Natasha!

Ever since Sam was a little kid he has had a fascination with how things work, building and fixing things, and getting under the hood of anything mechanical. BSE was the ideal program for Sam to tap into his natural proclivity towards engineering and realize how that affinity can be adapted to his future course of study. From the very first step of selecting the project, to building his own boom box, to producing technical drawings, Sam showed an unprecedented commitment to completing the challenge. In addition to the project work, the inclusion of guest speakers was a notable aspect of BSE, and one that had tremendous appeal to Sam. It was surprising and gratifying to observe how positively Sam responded to the talks given by “real life” engineers. Robin and Dave, the creators of Blue Stamp, are pros and dedicated to educating kids about the principles and business of engineering. I would highly recommend this program to fledgling engineers.

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