A Note From a Parent – Kathleen K.

We were happy to hear that Kathleen saw that her son, James, not only learned about coding and circuits, but many lessons from the excellent guests we had visit the classroom. Thank you Kathleen!

My son has always been interested in science but wasn’t entirely sure what an ‘engineer’ did. He is about to apply to colleges and so wanted to find out if engineering was something he might want to pursue. Blue Stamp not only gave him hands on experience in how an engineer works and what an engineer does but also gave him insight into forming a start-up company with an engineering idea. He learned from the many guest speakers of their experiences with trying to bring a product into production. He also learned many valuable lessons in formulating an idea, modifying it, troubleshooting it and finding help online for programming or troubleshooting. The supervision and assistance in the classroom was hands-on and first rate and I don’t think James could have had a better experience anywhere. I highly recommend this program.

Kathleen K.

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