Final Blog

I first became interested in BlueStamp when the co-founders talked to my physics class at school. I was so excited about the program that I signed up the next day. I was going to... read more

Sam F final blog

This year was my second year doing BlueStamp; and I was undoubtedly excited. I had already gained so much from doing the program once, so I was excited to build upon the knowledge that... read more

GPS Rover Completed

I just completed my GPS rover and successfully tested it in the street. It drove swiftly and accurately. The GitHub page explains how the project works and includes both the arduino and processing programs... read more

My GPS Rover

After completing my Bike Cyclocomputer, I moved on to creating an arduino guided rover that will drive to a GPS location. It works by finding the distance between the car's current GPS location and... read more

Final Project!

With the structure of the wind turbine built and solderless breadboard complete, the only thing left to do was to put the two together. I used shrink wrap and male/female headers attach the motor,... read more

My BSE experience

In BSE I learned a lot more than I thought I would. It was somewhat hard at some points but the instructors helped me out. I had some troubles with my coding because it... read more