E14: Advice For Applying To College

Being a part of the BlueStamp Engineering program gives me the opportunity to share advice with high school students looking for a technical career path. I've been asked multiple times about what the best... read more


My Parking Radar Starter Kit: I worked on the Ultrasonic Parking Radar for my starter project. This kit works with ultrasonic waves. It measures how far an object is in order to avoid collision between... read more


My Laser Target Kit Starter project. - The Laser Target kit is a kit that has 9 small red LED lights that light up when turned on or having a laser point at the... read more

Starter Project EL Wire

For my starting project, I did an electroluminescent wire, also called an EL wire. An EL wire is a long thin wire that glows when an alternating current passes through it. For my project... read more


The drawdio is a small device that is attached to a pencil, when thick graphite lines are made with this pencil and one puts their hand not holding the pencil on one side of... read more