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Justin’s Final Project

Now at the end of Blue Stamp, I am posting my blog post about my final project as well as my experience here. For a brief description of my project, experience, and future plans,... read more

Justin’s Clock: Milestone 1

Today I finished my first milestone by putting every thing together on the breadboard and by getting the clock function to work. This part was fairly easy. http://youtu.be/hiMQyjheTA0 The next step is to get the setup... read more

Justin’s Clock: Milestone 2

Today I completed my next milestone, which is to make it possible to edit the time from outside the code. To enter this "set up mode", you press buttons one and two simultaneously. You add... read more

Justin’s VoiceChanger

For my starter project, I created a voice changer from a kit made by Velleman-kit. It was fun to build and it taught me things about soldering. In the end, the completed version was pretty cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpVQhbIqkLg&list=PL009D35FA3B7B702C&index=3&feature=plpp_video ... read more

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