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Final Blog

I first became interested in BlueStamp when the co-founders talked to my physics class at school. I was so excited about the program that I signed up the next day. I was going to... read more

Final Project!

With the structure of the wind turbine built and solderless breadboard complete, the only thing left to do was to put the two together. I used shrink wrap and male/female headers attach the motor,... read more

Milestone 2: 3D Rendering

The second milestone for my wind turbine was rendering a 3D, scaled model of the turbine on google sketch-up. The 3D model gave me a very concrete understanding of what the turbine will ultimately... read more

Milestone 1: Breadboard

My first milestone in building a wind turbine was to create a breadboard that would light an LED when the stepper motor spins. The current generated from the stepper motor is alternating current. If... read more

Kaitlin’s Awesome Solarspeeder

For my BlueStamp starter project I built a miniature solar powered car from the sparkfun "solarspeeder" kit. I learned to solder in order to attach the parts (two capacitors, a diode, a transistor, and a voltage... read more

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