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GPS Rover Completed

I just completed my GPS rover and successfully tested it in the street. It drove swiftly and accurately. The GitHub page explains how the project works and includes both the arduino and processing programs... read more

My GPS Rover

After completing my Bike Cyclocomputer, I moved on to creating an arduino guided rover that will drive to a GPS location. It works by finding the distance between the car's current GPS location and... read more

Graphing Completed!

I reached a significant milestone in completing my bike cyclocomputer. As demonstrated in the video, the magnetic reed switch collects data and is triggered when a magnet passes by; a bike wheel is simulated... read more

A Productive First Week

After my first five days at Blue Stamp, I had completed a first iteration of my final project, a bike cycling computer. Before I had begun work on my principal project, however, I completed... read more

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