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The Project Complete

After six whole weeks of building, my sunrise alarm clock is finally complete. What exactly did I achieve in these past few weeks? Not only did I build an electrical device and followed... read more

The Circuit Complete

I would have never guessed that I would be able to build something and be able to identify key components of it. Building this sunrise-alarm clock has taught me a lot about shift registers,... read more

The Alarm

After finishing my voice changer kit I began working on a digital alarm clock. Originally I used an MSP430 micro-controller but faced a compiling issue that took up an entire week. To get rid... read more

The First Step

As soon as everyone else got hold of their starter projects I knew that I was surrounded by students that were serious about engineering. It wasn’t until I held mine that I became very... read more

Another Clueless Engineer

All my life I've been good at destroying things and taking them apart. I loved disassembling everything, though putting things back together wasn't my strong suit. Re-building proved a lot harder but something in... read more

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