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Hello! I'm Eric B, and I am a rising sophomore at Colorado Academy in Denver, CO. I live and breathe soccer, love to be on stage as an avid thespian and am very passionate about math, (all) sciences and computer programming. My starter project at BSE for 2015 in Denver is the Big Time Watch from SparkFun. My main intensive project is a student-defined project for water purification and filtration. The project has 3-4 components, based on time. The main part is an electrolysis rig that will serve as a Chlorine Producing Unit for water purification. Because electrolysis requires energy, I want to incorporate a solar-panel—powered battery charger. Also, this doesn’t filter out the big stuff, only small bacteria and viruses, so the 3rd part of my main project will be a slow sand filtration system to remove large debris and bacteria. If I have time, I will add another type of energy source, which will be a crank-powered battery source so that the chlorine producing unit isn’t solar-dependent.

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