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Final Project

Now that I am at the end of my BlueStamp experience, I can really appreciate how much I have learned here. Before I came to BlueStamp, I had no idea how to solder or... read more

Puzzle Box Milestone 1

In this video, I show that the parts for my puzzle box have all been successfully connected and programmed. I also show what each of the parts will do in the final product. http://youtu.be/iMQAZsvRkW4... read more


Basically, this little device can turn off or turn on any TV within a room. It took me slightly over a day to complete, and things pretty much went together without a hitch. The... read more

My First Two Weeks

When I first started at BSE, I had no idea how to work with wires or solder parts. So as you can imagine, I did not exactly make the neatest looking first project. It... read more

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